Ready to say buh-bye to overwhelm and mental clutter or what?

Let's transform your Dubsado workflows so you can reclaim the CEO title you started your business to have.

Your time is so incredibly precious. It's the only resource we have that's not renewable. Why waste any more of it *just getting by* with the million post-its scattered across your desk that is your client experience -- when you could be positively T H R I V I N G  once your workflow has got your back and handling all those open browser tabs in your brain?


I believe Black, LGBTQ+, and Trans lives matter. No matter who you love or what you look like, all identities are welcome here.

need to email me directly? you can reach me at

need to email me directly? you can reach me at

schedule a consult to make sure I'm the right fit for your needs


we'll decide on a plan of action depending on your objectives and priorities


your strategy/design call takes place where we talk about #allthethings


once we've finalized your workflow draft(s), I'll spend the next 2-3 days building it/them


How's this thing gonna work?

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the final step in the process is your implementation call where I walk you through everything


I'm sorry (truly) to say that I can't. Being an expert in Dubsado means I'm able to offer a high quality experience and workflows that I simply cannot guarantee with other softwares I'm not familiar with. I recommend using my free workflow worksheet to help you build your own flows (you can find that here), or consider switching to Dubs if you're loving all this goodness!

This sounds amazing, but I'm not on Dubs. can you help?

Yes! Before you book your workflow slot, you'll need to make sure you have all of your foundational content (basically the bare essentials for all of your client touchpoints) ready to go in your Dubsado account that you want used in the workflow(s) -- that's your canned emails, contracts, proposals, questionnaires, appointment schedulers, etc. 

With that said, I don't want you to feel like you need to have every imaginable touchpoint created before you inquire. As long as you have the basics already logged in your account, we can dream up the rest together!

is there anything I need to do on my end?

During our consult I'll gather enough information from you to recommend one of two routes we can go in pursuit of your dream workflows. We'll map out a plan of attack on our call and go over our mutual availability. Once we've done that and you're officially booked, I'll send you a link to my call scheduler so you can choose a slot for your strategy/design call. 

How does scheduling this work?

Heck no! It's truly such a win-win that you're able to reap the fruits of the project structure that's suited to the way I work best. I'm most productive when I work in tiny, dense chunks, and I really did design this entire business structure around that preference! Like I said: win-win.

3-4 days? this sounds too good to be true. is it?

I do not offer any Dubsado set up services besides your workflows. If you need help setting up your account from scratch, I recommend checking out the Certified Specialist Directory for the right person!

What if I'm not ready for workflows? do you do setups?

frequently asked.

While I work mostly with photographers because that's my own professional background and people work with me because of it, I love to partner with entrepreneurs of any kind! Outside of the photography niche, I've built workflows for a divorce financial planner, interior designer, business coach, & African safari travel planner, so I have lots of experience in a range of industries. My approach will work for anyone!

do you only serve photographers?