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Customized and comprehensive Dubsado workflows

the *feels-like-magic* ticket to scaling your biz

so you can stop wasting time on administration and get back to being a CEO


and TBH, most of them fall into one of two categories.

I help photographers turn their overwhelm into scalable systems.

(Which one's you?)

This photographer has 4 social media platforms to manage, 17+ blog posts waiting to be drafted, 8 galleries queued up for edits, 11 new inquiries to respond to, and what feels like a never-ending stream of incoming emails. Creating bomb Dubsado workflows? They know automations would transform their life, but that is sooo far down the list they can't even see it.

scenario 01: endless to-dos

This photographer has all of their content diligently filed away in their library, but Dubsado's workflow builder is so overwhelming and confusing that they just keep doing everything manually. They might have tried to build their workflows in the past, but they either gave up or the automations didn't work correctly. (THE WORST)

scenario 02: automation paralysis

either of these sound like you?

if so, keep reading.

Let’s be real, you’re probably fed up with having to hand-hold your CRM to run everything.
(been there!)

Around here, workflow builds happen in under a week.

(yes, really!)

the best part?

Wanna know what true freedom looks like?

Going weeks without having to check in on your Dubsado account(s).

Saving 500+ hours per year by having automations handle all your busywork for you.

Taking unplanned days off from work and not breaking into a sweat about clients you should be checking in with before leaving your desk.

And it's the life I create for all of my clients by doing the same for them.

This is the life I created for myself through my Dubsado workflows handling my 5-star client experience automatically.

say yes to freedom

Meg was absolutely incredible and everything I needed for this season of business. I knew how amazing Dubsado was, but had no idea of the next level of time saving attributes it had. She is knowledgeable, efficient, so fun to work with, and understands things from the photographer's perspective. Meg was always 10 steps ahead and had everything laid out of what I needed to work on and when!

"I wouldn't be surviving busy season right now without Meg's help!"

- Madison, intimate wedding & elopement photographer

I believe Black, LGBTQ+, and Trans lives matter. No matter who you love or what you look like, all identities are welcome here.

In addition to a Dubsado workflow extraordinaire, I'm also an elopement and wedding photographer. I know exactly what it's like to struggle against your never-ending list of new projects/tasks and feel like you're drowning.

Workflows are meant to help take some of the load off. Let's get them rockin' and rollin' so they can transform your client experience (and your life). Sound good?

I'm here to craft your fully automated, stunningly seamless client experience.

Hey, my name's Meg!


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"Your creativity within the constraints of Dubsado is impressive!

- Mariah, elopement photographer

word on the street

Even with the limits Dubsado has, you find ingenious little work arounds where others might just shrug and say, 'it's not possible.'"

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Working with Meg was fantastic and I'm very happy to have hired her to create my workflows. By the end of the process, I felt focused and ready to jump back into business and share the new experience with my clients. Her attention to detail is beyond expectation and she knows so many tips and ways to improve your workflow in ways I never would have thought of! If you're needing someone to partner with you and create an amazing Dubsado experience, Meg is the one for you.


- Marina, wedding & portrait photographer

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With how overwhelming building a workflow can feel, it's easy to write it off and say to yourself, "I'm getting along just fine without one." But are you? Here are four ways to reality-check yourself, and easy solutions to get started automating.

4 Signs That You Need a Workflow Makeover

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"You offered so many ideas about adding forms into my process/workflow, and it all blew my mind."

- Sharlee, elopement photographer

word on the street

Ready for that to be your experience?

Let's talk about what's possible for you

Spoiler: it's gonna be epic.

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You got it. Snag a free copy of my tried-and-tested workflow worksheet to help you get started and organize your pipeline.

Feeling like you might want to try your hand at DIY first?

take me there

You got it. Snag a free copy of my tried-and-tested workflow worksheet to help you get started and organize your pipeline.

Feeling like you might want to try your hand at DIY first?