I still remember the days when I was keeping all of my client's projects straight in my head.
I would quickly scribble items in my battered notebook's to-do list as the thoughts came to me.

I know how it feels to be drowning under your projects.

sound familiar?

Wondering, "Is this all there is to entrepreneurship?"

"Follow up with Eleni about completing the questionnaire."

"Send Matthew and Shannon their two-week-out check-in email."

"Respond to Casey about what days work to set up our strategy call."

things like:

I believe Black, LGBTQ+, and Trans lives matter. No matter who you love or what you look like, all identities are welcome here.

What if you could...

finally feel like you're maximizing Dubsado? (bet you've said "I have an account, but I'm not using it to the fullest capacity" at least twice)

know your clients are taken care of and not have to worry about important information falling through the cracks?

be ten steps ahead of your future self, without the pain of slogging through monotonous tasks you dread?

seriously, think about it. how amazing would that feel?

a small reminder in case you forgot :')

Working with Meg was fantastic and I'm very happy to have hired her to create my workflows. By the end of the process, I felt focused and ready to jump back into business and share the new experience with my clients. I loved how Meg laid out what needed to be done on my end so clearly and well organized. It made creating the content needed for the workflow much easier. Her attention to detail is beyond expectation and she knows so many tips and ways to improve your workflow in ways I never would have thought of! If you're needing someone to partner with you and create an amazing Dubsado experience, Meg is the one for you.

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVED The level of detail meg put into the workflows."

- Marina, wedding + portrait photographer

Meg was so absolutely helpful during the entire process of workflow building. She was creative and offered innovative solutions in order to automate my workflows even more and really maximize them! She was also willing to go above and beyond to make sure my Dubsado was running smoothly and efficiently. She was super proactive and helpful, and I really felt like she was excited with me on helping me get all my things done.

If you are looking for someone to help organize your systems and automate your workflows, but also someone who will offer input on improving your current workflows and how to help your business better run itself, Meg is definitely your girl!


- Vikki, wedding + family photographer

Meg is brilliant at what she does! She is so professional and organized, yet her fun and enthusiastic personality shines through and makes the process fun! The process was so seamless and I am so happy with my new way of doing business after working with Meg! She's worth every penny.

"Meg made the booking process so seamless and her fun personality shone through."

- Natalie, wedding + motherhood photographer

Vibe check.

this is for you if:

this is not for you if:

  • You're an advanced beginner or intermediate Dubsado user: you know the rough lay of the land
  • You have at least a base foundation of content (emails, forms, etc) already in your Dubsado library

  • Your Dubsado account is brand new and has not been set up yet
  • You don't have availability to be actively involved in the project (in order to design these perfectly for you, I need a little help!)

because this is important.

are you a match?

skip to pricing

Think about this:




The couple of prep questionnaires for your seven clients you have to send out in two weeks, and figuring out who needs what — done for you.

How many times have you had to send yet another consult call/contract/invoice follow up email to the leads that you receive? — all taken care of. 

Isn't it tiresome to remember to manually check if a client (or ten) has submitted a form yet (and reminding them if they haven’t) so you can complete the next part of your process? — your workflow is allllll over that.

Imagine all of the mental headspace you’ll be able to free up when you can have software taking care of the dozens of hours of admin work you spend sending forms, following up, and checking in with your clients.

Imagine having Dubsado be your digital assistant handling all these small tasks for you so you can be the CEO you’re meant to be.

And imagine that being your life in as little as one week.

I taught myself to build my entire 50+ step workflow from scratch (x3 workflows), becoming a systems expert in the process (and an actual Certified Dubsado Specialist) -- which means I'm the person you want in your corner giving your process the facelift it needs.

Creative problem solving and coming up with innovative solutions to fill the gaps in your specific brand experience is my fairy godmother superpower, and there is truly nothing I love more than wielding it.

Let me show you what Dubsado can do for you and your life. You probably won't even believe your eyes (my past clients sure didn't!).

That's where I come in.

My name's Meg and I'm your knight in shining armor coming to rescue you from the million CRM tasks you have that are starting to give you anxiety dreams.

All of the wow factor, none of the struggle

Workflows that work for you to deliver the stunningly seamless, fully automated client experience you’ve always dreamed about having. From initial inquiry all the way through to off boarding and beyond.

All ready to go for you with a wave of my magic wand in 3-4 business days. 

sign me the heck up for this magic!

packages ranging from $955 - 1985

These packages range from 1-3 main workflows. All options include a strategy call and implementation call. 

have more questions? click here for the answers.

I'm sorry (truly) to say that I can't. Being an expert in Dubsado means I'm able to offer a high quality experience and workflows that I simply cannot guarantee with other softwares I'm not familiar with. I would recommend using my free workflow worksheet to help you build your own flows (you can find that here), or consider switching to Dubs if you're loving all this goodness!

This sounds amazing, but I'm not on Dubs. can you help?

Yes! Before you book your workflow slot, you'll need to make sure you have all of your foundational content (basically the bare essentials for all of your client touchpoints) ready to go in your Dubsado account that you want used in the workflow(s) -- that's your canned emails, contracts, proposals, questionnaires, appointment schedulers, etc. 

With that said, I don't want you to feel like you need to have every imaginable touchpoint created before you inquire. As long as you have the basics already logged in your account, we can dream up the rest together!

is there anything I need to do on my end?

These options have a mix of things, including main top-to-bottom workflows, sidekick workflows (more on that later!), and an implementation call. All packages have at least 1 main workflow, a strategy call, and implementation call included.

What's included in the packages?

During our consult I'll gather enough information from you to recommend one of two routes we can go in pursuit of your dream workflows. We'll map out a plan of attack on our call and go over our mutual availability. Once we've done that and you're officially booked, I'll send you a link to my call scheduler so you can choose a slot for your strategy/design call. 

How does scheduling this work?

Heck no! It's truly such a win-win that you're able to reap the fruits of the project structure that's suited to the way I work best. I'm most productive when I work in tiny, dense chunks, and I really did design this entire business structure around that preference! Like I said: win-win.

3-4 days? this sounds too good to be true. is it?

I do not offer any Dubsado set up services besides your workflows. If you need help setting up your account from scratch, I would recommend checking out the Certified Specialist Directory for the right person!

What if I'm not ready for workflows? do you do setups?

frequently asked.

Meg saved me hours and hours and days and weeks of work! Her personality was wonderful to chat with, and she was very thorough in her explanations. Because she is also a photographer, she had a lot of knowledge about what my workflows would already include, even though my workflows are less 'traditional' because I do In-Person Sales in my studio. I’ve already told three of my friends to hire her because it’s SUCH a necessity!

"I’ve already told three of my friends to hire Meg."

- Andie, wedding + portrait photographer

Meg is the loveliest person and we really enjoyed working with her. My husband and I already had some systems in place but wanted to take it to the next level using Dubsado. Meg was super responsive when we reached out to her, and what we loved was that she was able to get started on our workflows very quickly. 

We had a couple of long Zoom calls to go over everything; Meg put together a really detailed google doc detailing our whole workflows and what emails we needed to put together. She also kept checking in to keep us on track. It helped so much! 

"we highly recommend getting Meg to use some of her wizardry to create super slick workflows."

- Steph + Oli, elopement photographers

Meg was absolutely incredible and everything I needed for this season of business. I knew how amazing Dubsado was, but had no idea of the next level of time saving attributes it had. Meg is knowledgeable, efficient, so fun to work with, and understands things from the photographer's perspective. She was always 10 steps ahead and had everything laid out of what I needed to work on and when. I wouldn't be surviving busy season right now without her help!

"Meg was so thorough that it was overwhelming, BUT incredible at the same time."

- Madison, intimate wedding + elopement photographer

heard here first

“That's a thing of beauty.”

- Annie on seeing her new workflow for the first time

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