I still remember the days when I was keeping all of my client's projects straight in my head.
I would quickly scribble items in my battered notebook's to-do list as the thoughts came to me.

I know how it feels to be drowning under your projects.

sound familiar?

Wondering, "Is this all there is to entrepreneurship?"

"Follow up with Eleni about completing the questionnaire."

"Send Matthew and Shannon their two-week-out check-in email."

"Respond to Casey about what days work to set up our consult call."

things like:

I believe Black, LGBTQ+, and Trans lives matter. No matter who you love or what you look like, all identities are welcome here.

What if you could...

finally feel like you're maximizing Dubsado? (bet you've said "I have an account, but I'm not using it to the fullest capacity" at least twice)

know your clients are taken care of and not have to worry about important information falling through the cracks?

be ten steps ahead of your future self, without the pain of slogging through monotonous tasks you dread?

seriously, think about it. how amazing would that feel?

a small reminder in case you forgot :')

Meg was so absolutely helpful during the entire process of workflow building. She was creative and offered innovative solutions in order to automate my workflows even more and really maximize them! She was also willing to go above and beyond to make sure my Dubsado was running smoothly and efficiently. She was super proactive and helpful, and I really felt like she was excited with me on helping me get all my things done.

If you are looking for someone to help organize your systems and automate your workflows, but also someone who will offer input on improving your current workflows and how to help your business better run itself, Meg is definitely your girl!


- Vikki, wedding + family photographer

Meg is brilliant at what she does! She is so professional and organized, yet her fun and enthusiastic personality shines through and makes the process fun! The process was so seamless and I am so happy with my new way of doing business after working with Meg! She's worth every penny.

"Meg made the booking process so seamless and her fun personality shone through."

- Natalie, wedding + motherhood photographer

Vibe check.

this is for you if:

this is not for you if:

  • You're an advanced beginner or intermediate Dubsado user: you know the rough lay of the land
  • You have at least a base foundation of content (emails, forms, etc) already in your Dubsado library

  • Your Dubsado account is brand new and has not been set up yet
  • You don't have availability to be actively involved in the project (in order to design these perfectly for you, I need your help!)

because this is important.

are you a match?

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Think about this:




The couple of prep questionnaires for your seven clients you have to send out in two weeks, and figuring out who needs what — done for you.

How many times have you had to send yet another consult call/contract/invoice follow up email to the leads that you receive? — all taken care of. 

Isn't it tiresome to remember to manually check if a client (or ten) has submitted a form yet (and reminding them if they haven’t) so you can complete the next part of your process? — your workflow is allllll over that.

Imagine all of the mental headspace you’ll be able to free up when you can have software taking care of the dozens of hours of admin work you spend sending forms, following up, and checking in with your clients.

Imagine having Dubsado be your digital assistant handling all these small tasks for you so you can be the CEO you’re meant to be.

And imagine that being your life in as little as one week.

I taught myself to build my entire 50+ step workflow from scratch (x3 workflows), becoming a systems expert in the process (and an actual Certified Dubsado Specialist) -- which means I'm the person you want in your corner giving your process the facelift it needs.

Creative problem solving and coming up with innovative solutions to fill the gaps in your specific brand experience is my fairy godmother superpower, and there is truly nothing I love more than wielding it.

Let me show you what Dubsado can do for you and your life. You probably won't even believe your eyes (my past clients sure didn't!).

That's where I come in.

My name's Meg and I'm your knight in shining armor coming to rescue you from the million CRM tasks you have that are starting to give you anxiety dreams.

All of the wow factor, none of the struggle

Meg honestly just kicks ass - watching her crank out my workflows after the mess of disorganized, half baked ideas I gave her was nothing short of impressive. Maybe even magical. I thought I kind of knew what I was doing with Dubsado, but Meg very kindly showed me that I absolutely DID NOT haha. Then she taught me all the things I was missing out on, and how to implement them more efficiently. She set up such a comprehensive, brilliant system for me that I feel 80 pounds lighter going into busy season. Bonus? The workflow calls Meg provides were so valuable and in-depth, I feel like I got 1:1 Dubsado training. I mean, I DID. Dubsado's beasty automation potential feels wayyyyy less nebulous to me than it did before. I actually understand how it works now. I'm legit so relieved I reached out to Meg when I did and trusted in her brilliance.

"If you use Dubsado, you're throwing money away by not having Meg tame the beast for you."

- Mariah, elopement photographer

Your knowledge is unbeatable. Your creativity within the constraints of Dubsado is impressive. Even with the limits Dubsado has, you find ingenious little work arounds where others might just shrug and say, "it's not possible." I loved how much you showed up for me to make sure I understood everything. You didn't just set up killer workflows, you gave me a lot of crucial knowledge about Dubsado that left me with the independence to make changes and do things on my own. Through our calls, I essentially got 1:1 expert coaching on how to maximize automation with Dubsado. Plus, you're super smart and nerdy (in that very endearing type 5 way) and it's a joy to be around.

"I feel like you understand how Dubsado works better than the people who actually work there!"

direct feedback

- Mariah, elopement photographer

I am such a type A person, so handing over my workflows to Meg was a big step but I knew she would do an amazing job. Her communication was top notch throughout the process. During our calls, she really dove deep into each step of my workflow and brought ideas I didn't even think of to the table.

I was blown away during our final call while she walked me through the workflow. Beyond what I could have EVER created!!! When I came to Meg, I had a decent workflow in place but was routinely checking into couples' projects weekly to make sure everyone was staying on pace. Now, I don't have to worry and know that things roll out exactly as expected. Thanks so much Meg!!

"After hearing how much of a game changer getting a personalized workflow was, I knew I had to work with Meg!"

- Molly, elopement photographer

Workflows that work for you to deliver the stunningly seamless, fully automated client experience you’ve always dreamed about having. From initial inquiry all the way through to off boarding and beyond.

All ready to go for you with a wave of my magic wand in 3-4 business days. 

Don't miss out on this automated magic!

what you'll get


5+ hours of 1:1 time with me & my Enneagram type 5 brain

The level of knowledge I gain from you during our strategy meeting  as I learn about how you run your business and what your preferences, priorities, and pain points are is priceless. 

You’ve also never managed workflows like this before, which is why I include a 3 hour call in every package at the end of a build week to walk you through all of your workflows. During that time I'll explain how they work, how to manage them, and how to do future upkeep.

And yes – when it comes to both of my multi-hours-long meetings, they're necessary because there is THAT much to go over and show you. After each call, clients repeatedly tell me: “There’s no way we would’ve been able to cover all of this in 1-2 hours.” No fluff here!


A 7+ page Google doc

Honestly, this number is just the minimum. For most of my clients this document comes out to 9-12+ pages.

This hefty guide contains all of your workflow drafts written line by line as they'll appear in Dubsado, as well as a checklist of the specific items you'll need to create in your library to support the workflow(s). You'll be able to give me the final green light when the drafts are 100% perfect and just the way you want before I go to work building them.

I regularly get feedback from clients that they're blown away by the level of detail in this document. It’s also yours to keep forever so you can reference it anytime.


ready-to-publish workflows

By the end of your build week, all of your workflows will be ready to click "publish" on. Is it even better than waking up on Christmas morning to a pile of presents? Might be.

During our implementation call I'll teach you how to apply your sparkly new workflows to all of your existing projects, so you don't have to wait around for new leads to drop into them. Cue the champagne to kick off your new automated 'normal'! 

"I was blown away during our final call when Meg walked me through the workflow. It's beyond what I could have EVER created!!!"

- Molly, elopement photographer

word on the street

Workflow Builds


Get in touch for more details

packages starting at

What's included:

1+ top-to-bottom workflow

Every build includes at least one finished workflow for your service, from inquiry to offboarding. You'll be able to choose to add on more workflows if you offer more than one service!

3-4 day build turnaround

If your first reaction is, "Wow, that seems really fast!" you would be correct! I built my entire signature service around getting you started living your best automated life as fast as possible.

Personalized, expert coaching

As an Enneagram Type 5 (the Investigator) and a Certified Dubsado Specialist, I know a lot about the ins and outs of the platform. Past clients have remarked that their time with me was like getting a personalized Dubsado tutorial, and that I know my way around the platform as much as the Dubsado support staff -- you'll walk away from our time together feeling so much more confident about using Dubsado in your business.

3 hour implementation meeting

Our final meeting is one of the most important touchpoints of our time together: it's when I teach you how to use your workflow(s). After this call, clients repeatedly tell me: “There’s no way we would’ve been able to cover all of this in 1-2 hours.” You'll never be left on your own trying to figure out how to interact with and update your workflow(s) in the future.

7+ page workflow draft

I'll deliver your fully customized workflow draft(s) to you in a Google doc, which you'll be able to keep forever and reference any time you find it helpful.

I started my business with Dubsado about 2 years ago, but never knew its full potential and I was wasting a lot of my time. After finding Meg, I knew I needed to book her. She broke everything down into vocabulary I could understand without being an expert in Dubsado. I also loved how responsive she was to answer my questions right away through text and email. She was ALWAYS responsive and encouraging. 

Now that I’ve been implementing my workflows, I have so much confidence that they are doing what needs to be done. We’ve automated an additional 50% of my workflows!! Now all I need to do is check in with my tasks and projects and one-click their client experience. I highly recommend Meg to anyone looking to level up their workflow + client experience game. An absolute game changer for my work-life balance!! 

"Meg exceeded my expectations. I was so impressed."

- Sharlee, elopement photographer

Omg, the checklists! After our strategy call, I honestly felt a little overwhelmed how I was going to tackle this all. Once I got that Google Doc from you all my worries went away and it made it SO easy to go through everything to ensure it was ready to go. You offered so many ideas about adding forms in, and the proposals for the contract to invoice process blew my mind. I know my clients will love this option (and so will I!).

If we'd had a shorter 60 min call instead of 3 hrs I feel that you wouldn't have had a clear view of my needs and wants to create that strategy map + checklist for me. I feel like you would've had to come back via email multiple times to clarify parts of my needs vs. just talking through it all on a longer phone call. Plus, I wouldn't have been able to comprehend how to fix or tweak changes on my end in the future; you helped me to understand the full capabilities of Dubsado!

"Easiest decision ever. I probably would've thrown more money at you."

- Sharlee, elopement photographer

direct feedback

Meg is absolutely amazing at what she does in every way, and really knows the ins and outs of Dubsado. Hiring her was the best decision I made this year. For so long, my husband and I consistently got overwhelmed about where to even start with automations. She knew where there were bottlenecks that could be streamlined, and how to put my workflows together in a short period of time. She was so on top of everything! Her genuine kindness, easy going attitude, and serious attention to detail was so helpful throughout the process. Within a matter of weeks, I went from having to do so many things by hand, to having a smooth, Dubsado automated machine at my fingertips.

"Choosing to hire Meg has not only saved me so much time, but my sanity too! HIRE HER!"

- Christine, elopement photographer

I really appreciated how concise you were on laying out expectations from the very start. I knew what I needed to do, and I understood what was expected of me. Honestly, it inspired me to set clearer expectations/boundaries with my own clients. So, thank you! 

I'm beyond pumped knowing that the workflows you've built are going to save me HOURS every. single. week. 
I also really appreciated your feedback on how to further automate things/cut back on customization for the sake of efficiency, without kicking to the side overall client experience (for my couples). (eg, trying to remove/streamline certain canned emails that I was trying to have custom wording for with each and every client).

"You automated the heck out of alllllll the things. I'm simply amazed, and have no idea how you did it."

- Christine, elopement photographer

direct feedback

"I’ve already told three of my friends to hire Meg."

- Andie, wedding + portrait photographer

Meg saved me hours and hours and days and weeks of work! Her personality was wonderful to chat with, and she was very thorough in her explanations. Because she is also a photographer, she had a lot of knowledge about what my workflows would already include, even though my workflows are less 'traditional' because I do In-Person Sales in my studio. I’ve already told three of my friends to hire her because it’s SUCH a necessity!

Meg is the loveliest person and we really enjoyed working with her. My husband and I already had some systems in place but wanted to take it to the next level using Dubsado. Meg was super responsive when we reached out to her, and what we loved was that she was able to get started on our workflows very quickly. 

We had a couple of long Zoom calls to go over everything; Meg put together a really detailed Google doc detailing our whole workflows and what emails we needed to put together. She also kept checking in to keep us on track. It helped so much! 

"we highly recommend getting Meg to use some of her wizardry to create super slick workflows."

- Steph + Oli, elopement photographers

Ready to say 'hell yeah' to an intentionally curated (and automated!) client experience?

Your path to CRM freedom starts here!