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A comprehensive workflow outline and email swipe copy to help streamline your booking process, and help you feel like a Dubsado Master while you're at it.

Features include:

✔   Two info-packed PDF guides
✔   Step-by-step instructions
✔   A list of all the content you'll need
✔   Related Dubsado resources if you get stuck

Inquiry Consult Call Workflow/Email Template Bundle

helping you take your workflows & Emails from spinning out to streamlined in just one afternoon

So you're intrigued.




You know you need to leverage Dubsado’s workflow capabilities, but have no idea where to start. Or...

You have attempted to leverage Dubsado’s workflows before, but they either didn’t work correctly or they gave you a tension headache from trying to understand how it all works. (hair pulling anxiety spiral anyone?)

You want something more cost effective than hiring a copywriter, but something that’s still hefty enough to put a dent in your emailing and communication overwhelm.

And if you're wondering whether this is the thing for you, I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and assume that...

Get the answer key

And let me guess, you've already tried...

Watching YouTube tutorials and scouring Google for tips

Doing it yourself without any assistance (aka ‘winging it’)

Reading Dubsado help article after article, trying to parse out how all the workflow features work

Cobbling together bare-minimum emails because you need to send your clients something (but wishing it was more thorough)

How do I know?

You’re not the first one to be exhausted from trying to streamline your Dubsado workflows. 

See if any of the following sentences* sound like something straight out of your head:

“I'm so confused by the entire process that I'm not sure where to even begin.”

“My brain can not compute what steps to automate and what steps to flag for approval.”

“I want to get the most out of Dubsado but no lie, it’s a liiiittle intimidating.”

“HOW do I even begin setting this beast up???!!!”

“IDK if I should automate X step and if I should, I have no idea how to.”

* these are all real comments directly sourced from FB business groups

“It's hard for me to conceptualize building a workflow since I've honestly never thought about it in depth before.”

  • had true swipe copy that didn't sound like a robot with as many Dubsado-specific smartfields included as possible,
  • genuinely automated as much of the process as possible (not just simply creating a workflow with approvals on every step),
  • and was presented in an easy-to-follow format that anyone could understand, even a beginner.

All of that is exactly why I set out to create this bundle template.

After hearing so many people complain about being unable to figure out their Dubsado workflows and email communication in a meaningful way, I decided it was time for something different, and better.

Something that...

I taught myself to build my entire 50+ step workflow from scratch (x3 workflows), becoming a systems expert in the process (and an actual Certified Dubsado Specialist). I've also built dozens of customized, 75+ step automations for other entrepreneurs to allow them to scale their business to the next level. When it comes to email communication, client after client tell me how taken care of they feel throughout our entire planning process -- and that starts with great copy.

I know a thing or two about Dubsado workflows & email.

And if you're wondering why you should trust me as your guide...

TLDR; I'm just the person whose workflows and emails you want to snag a peek at and steal.

These bite-sized templates allow you to dial in one section of your process, which will free up brain space (and time) to figure out what you want the rest of your workflow to look like.

Plus, it’s the ultimate productivity win:

Don't waste another day with manual follow ups

Quick enough to implement today, powerful enough to immediately see results – and motivate you to keep going.

Everything you’re getting in your Contract & Retainer Workflow/Email Template Bundle:

"Wait... what exactly is a sidekick workflow?"

and if you're thinking:

Find out

A sidekick workflow is a smaller, supplemental workflow designed to work in tandem with (and separate from) your main workflow. In Dubsado, you can apply as many workflows to a project as desired, and my sidekicks are meant to take advantage of that.

My intention is for you to apply this in conjunction with other workflow automations you may be using on a project.

Setting up workflows like this can feel pretty intimidating, even with an answer key in front of you. That's why you'll have an included list of all the available help articles that are directly relevant to this template.

Related Dubsado resources

Inside this guide is not only the workflow actions themselves, but also the items of content you'll need prepared ahead of time in order to build it: your emails, project statuses, forms, and appointment schedulers. 

A full content list

Every single step in this guide is written in the precise way you'll see it when you build your workflow, so you'll have total confidence when you get started replicating this in your Dubsado account.

Step-by-step instructions

I designed this PDF guide in a way that ensured you would have every possible answer at hand to successfully automate your contract & retainer process and not leave you wondering, "Okay, but what about...?"

An answer key of a PDF

Say goodbye to the days of a disorganized booking process

It's been my experience that sometimes when people use the term 'swipe copy,' there's still a small amount of customization you need to do. These eight emails are truly swipe-able so you can copy and paste straight to your account.

True swipe copy

"Meg's workflow is an absolute game changer. 

- Anneleisa

I’m familiar with workflows but am no expert and after only an hour of work, Meg has helped me feel like a wizard of Dubsado. I'm so impressed and it is worth the investment."

"Meg did an amazing job creating this resource.

- Tay

Her attention to detail is amazing and I truly feel like people on all levels can follow these guides. I 100% recommend this to anyone who wants to organize their business's back end."

"Meg changed my entire workflow game with this sidekick.

- Katelyn

My workflow is set up perfectly and I run it without having to worry about doing it myself — it’s already saved me so much time and I’ve only had it in place for a few weeks now."

Look, I'll be straight with you.

Hell yeah it is!

This is not the silver bullet to eliminating all of your Dubsado woes. But...

It will get you back a dozen hours of time every month by allowing you to fully automate your inquiry consult process.

It will allow you to quit wasting your time reinventing the wheel of sourcing your past projects for emails to send, or re-writing them over and over.

It will give you the tools to understand how to use the most important part of Dubsado (I said what I said 😂), and get you on track to utilizing the workflow builder to the capability you know it has.

Isn’t it time you said ‘peace out’ to the admin overwhelm so you can get back to being a CEO and scaling your biz?

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