My 3 Favorite Dubsado Workflow Actions

Dubsado workflows are made up of two things: actions, and triggers. An action dictates WHAT is happening, and a trigger dictates WHEN it’s happening. Today we’re talking all about Dubsado’s workflow actions. Specifically, my top three favorites!

Dubsado workflow actions are a small but mighty tool in your arsenal. Check out this post for my all-time favorites!

The 3 Dubsado workflow actions I couldn’t live without:

1. Send form

This is, in my opinion, the most versatile and comprehensive single action in a workflow. In Dubsado, a form can take the form of (no pun intended!) a questionnaire, proposal, or an uploaded PDF. And the way in which you use each of those items is virtually unlimited! You don’t need to only ask questions in a questionnaire. You don’t need to only use proposals for new inquiries, or to book your main service. All around a stellar workflow action.

2. Start a workflow 

This is a very valuable action, and it shouldn’t be discounted. It’s often missing from other CRMs, which in and of itself makes it valuable. Most importantly, this workflow action allows you to link multiple workflows together automatically, which, four years in, still blows my mind. This is great to use in any number of scenarios, but some of my favorites are linking a separate invoice and contract sequence, and also my “Booked” workflow for after clients have signed their contract and paid the first invoice installment. The fact that I don’t have to trigger any of these separate workflows manually is incredible!

3. Change project status

Project status changes are one of my obsessions. I see them as the backbone of your workflows. They dictate the entire client journey: what happens within the workflow, and in which order. Many people often overlook these statuses, and sometimes don’t use them to their fullest potential. Just like with forms, project statuses can be used in a very versatile way if you apply imagination!

For example, it might be helpful to have a status titled “Awaiting consult call” for the leads you’ve sent a scheduler to but who have not booked a call yet. Or, it might be helpful to you to have a “1 month out”/”2 weeks out”/”1 week out” status(es) to see what’s coming up on your near horizon. Another option could be to use them for weaknesses where you tend to forget to do a step: that might be blogging about the project, or sending a post-offboarding thank you note a couple weeks after the project ends.

Project statuses are an incredible organization tool to help you easily keep track of what’s in your pipeline, and using them as workflow actions is so incredibly helpful to ferry a project from one step in their journey to the next!

So there you have it, my three favorite Dubsado workflow actions! If you loved this post, you should check out my sister post that details my three favorite Dubsado workflow triggers!

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